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How to sell my house quick through a short sale

I can sell my house quick through a short sale if I am dealing with outstanding debt and impending foreclosure. If you are considering a short sale to relieve yourself of an overwhelming mortgage, it's one of the best ways to get a quick property sale. You do, however, need to convince your lender to agree to allow you to sell at a reduced rate. You'll also need a buyer, and the quickest way to get one is to find a professional real estate investor experienced in short sales.

What is a short sale?

A short sale is a situation where the lender agrees to accept less than the actual amount due on your mortgage when you sell your property. This includes any back payments, late fees, inspection fees, attorney's fees and so forth. The lender would prefer not to deal with the hassle and expense of foreclosing on your home in many cases, so when you realize that you cannot afford to keep your home, you should contact the lender right away.This is the best way to sell your house quick.

How it benefits the lender

Your lender can certainly benefit from a short sale. The main benefit is the fact that the lender will not be stuck with selling your property after foreclosure. Being able to sell before foreclosure is an attractive option to consider since the bank will have t take a significant financial hit anyway when they prepare to sell the property at auction. Your lender gets to avoid all of the expenses of the foreclosure process.

How you benefit

Going through foreclosure is a draining experience. The stress of wondering what you will do, where you will move your family, and scrambling around to find a chance to keep your home is overwhelming. Add to that the constant calls from your lender's collections department n a daily basis and you can begin to understand the financial burden involved.

A short sale can help relieve the burden of your monthly payments and outstanding debt. You will also avoid having a foreclosure on your credit rating since you will have actually sold your home. By not having a foreclosure on your credit report, you can start over much easier than you can with a foreclosure red flag on your record.

Sell my house quick to a short sale investor

If you are desperate to sell, consider contacting companies that buy houses. They are the companies that advertise "We buy houses." They will be very motivated to buy your property at a reduced rate. Many investors are more than willing to pay cash or refinance if that's an option. Another thing that often attracts investors is the fact that they are buying an occupied home. This usually means that the house is in much better repair that a home that has been left sitting vacant for weeks or months after foreclosure. Occupied homes are usually in much better condition which means the investor will spend less to make repairs and improvements.

Moving quickly benefits everyone involved

When you are proposing a short sale to your lender, you'll need to find a buyer who can move quickly. This is another reason why real estate investors make such good buyers. They use private funds, so they can make purchases very quickly. You can even get cash for houses. When I need to sell my house quick, real estate investors are always prepared.

If your lender has approved a short sale on your house and you need to sell quick, please complete our Confidential Seller Questionnaire and see if your house quailifies for our Rapid Home Purchase Program!

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