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 “I think that The O’Grady Team is wonderful!  With all the problems we had, they really helped me out.  They were like a family and took care of me!  The other Realtors were like car salesmen, the Team was friendly and just like family." Carol D.
Arvada, CO

  "The O’Grady Team was extremely helpful and timely to respond to my questions and concerns.  They were friendly and took the time to explain the details to me.” Julie S.
Northglenn, CO

“The O’Grady Team was very personable, a pleasure to talk with, and always answered my questions.  Selling real estate is mind boggling, but everyone seemed genuine and caring - having my best interests in mind.” Shirley D.
Thornton, CO

“When Jeff first came to the house, he had done his homework and was prepared.  Not knowing much about real estate myself, I appreciated Jeff’s thorough knowledge and education during the process.  Any obstacles we encountered were easily overcome because of Jeff’s experience and his patience in teaching me the steps in selling my house.  He followed through on our transaction with integrity and professionalism.  Thank you, Jeff!” Dennis K.
Denver, CO

“I would be remiss if I didn’t convey my sincere appreciation to The O’Grady Team during the marketing and sale of my brother’s property.  It was a difficult process at times, given the circumstances, but I have nothing but high marks in the way you handled all that came our way.  You were always very helpful, and never gave me the impression that they were rushed at any point of the process.  In a nutshell, I couldn’t have asked for any better, more professional service.  It was a real pleasure working with you!” Richard W.
Westminster, CO

“Thank you for the quick, fair and simple sale!  You were professional, courteous, honest and timely!  I would recommend you to anyone needing to sell their home quickly.  You are were fair and honest.” Doris M.
Federal Heights, CO

Lindsey and Phillip Warrick ,

Thank you so much for helping me with the sale of my house.  I had been thru 2 realtors and we kept hitting dead ends trying to sell my house.  At last glance I was going to have to write a check to sell my house and was unsure how I was going to do that.  You were able to buy my house fast when others could not and I'm happy to be out from under those monthly payments.  Your company and everyone was professional and the only thing I had to do was show up at closing with a pen and Identification.  Thank God I got to leave my checkbook at home.  Now that I sold my house I can move into something cheaper and closer to work.  This will give me my life back by saving me time and money.  If you need to list me as a reference feel free to do so, I'd recommend to anyone

Texas Home Savers LLC David Young
La Porte, TX

Dear Lindsey and Phillip Warrick ,

     We were getting ready to close on our new home with all of the trimmings but we still did not have a contract on our old home. While we should have been celebrating and having housewarming parties, we were thinking we may have made a mistake and feeling the tension, pressure, and stress associated with trying to pay both house notes on an already strict budget. I tried to get someone to rent our old house so we could at least cover the note from that angle but we didn’t have any skills in advertising or any experience in managing a rental property. After several months, I heard about your company Texas Home Savers LLC through a co-worker. I was pretty comforted by what my co-worker shared with me and besides…………..what did I have to lose? When I called you it was as though the heavens had opened up to allow some sunshine on our “black cloud” situation. You guys took charge took charge of the home, contacted the mortgage company, and within what seemed like a few hours we were finally enjoying our new home. You advertised the property as being for rent with the possibility to own and very soon afterwards a small family moved in to enjoy the comfort of our old home just as we did for several years. We really were blessed to find you. You gave us the best housewarming gift you can get for a new home – happiness and peace of mind.

Thank you,

The Loftin Family

Texas Home Savers LLC Bert Loftin
Pasadena, TX

Dear Mr. Phillip Warrick ,

            I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the continual care and support you have provided my family and I.  When we came to you for help 2 years ago I was at the end of my rope.  I was to the point that I was losing my home and I felt as if I had no where to turn.  That was when I discovered you.  You and your wife were so empathetic.  You understood what we were going through and you provided a helping hand.  All the promises you made then you kept.  You closed on the house quickly and acted patiently for us to get things squared away.

           Now, 2 years later I am excited to say that I have continued to develop a relationship with you and that you have kept your promise to take care of us and stand beside my family.  Though I hope I will never have to use your services again, I know now that I have a friend in the real estate business (just in case) and I would never think twice about referring anyone that is in a similar situation to you and your services at Texas Home Savers LLC.  Thank you for keeping your promises.


J Hopkins

Texas Home Savers LLC Jared Hopkins
Pasadena, TX

What impressed me the most was that you and your company Texas Home Savers LLC preformed exactly as stated in our first phone interview.  The quoted process for evaluating the circumstances and then the process for services rendered were maintained.  The timeliness of your services and the ease of working with your staff over the telephone were beyond impressive.  Being weeks away from an ugly foreclosure due to an nonpaying tenant I thought we had no chance.  Your company was able to stop the foreclosure re-carpet,paint and spruce up the house on your own dime and get the house sold fast enough to help save the house and a foreclosure for ending up on my credit.  Thanks again for everything you did Lindsey and Phillip Warrick .
Texas Home Savers LLC Craig Jackson
Seabrook, TX

*These testimonials were submitted by One Hour Homebuyers and affiliates throughout the United States. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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