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The reason for this letter is to thank Mr. Hunter Paschall, and company for their services.  I truly feel satisfied for the job done.  The sale of the house was a success. Your professionalism gave peace to my life.

Thanks you again!

HP Investment Group, Inc. Sixto
orlando, FL

The question was how to sell our Fort Worth Texas house fast, without further loss of our investment.  The Guys from 'We buy ugly houses' did not offer us much, it was sad.  My wife and I decided do minimal upgrades and try to sell the house through the traditional means, when we received a postcard from John Pribble, YourTexasHomeBuyers.

He came to view the house and left. We thought, no way we would get any offer close to our asking price.  Surprisingly, the next day he offered us $20,000 more for the house than other Home Buying Investor groups.  The whole transaction was fast and easy.  John Pribble from YourTexasHomeBuyers was very pleasant and we did not need to do any additional work to the house. It was a big relief for my wife and me and it turned out great.

I would highly recommend the 'YourTexasHomeBuyers' group.  The entire transaction was quick and stress free.

Your Texas Home Buyers Kampan & Linda Palasingam
Fort Worth, TX

 I would like to thank you to a smooth transaction.  I sold over 197 units in Fort Worth on behalf of my investor, some transactions took months to close.  After coming to a price agreement, you were by far the fastest and smoothest closing of all of them and for that I'm very grateful.
Your Texas Home Buyers Petra Norris
Lakeland, FL

After 14 years, a tenant in a Arlington rental house I owned decided to move. Faced with considerable time and expense to update the property, I decided to try to sell. The first person I contacted made an offer but exercised an escape clause in the sales contract after he got a bid on the cost of repairs.


John Pribble then contacted me, made an offer and in three weeks we closed on the property. John at Your Texas Home Buyers certainly exceeded my expectations.

John, thanks for your time and efforts to make this a pleasant experience, I couldn't be happier.

Your Texas Home Buyers Joe Rankin
Decatur, TX

Dear Phillip Warrick and Lindsey Warrick :

I would like to thank you and your wife for all the help that you have
given me.  I previously had my home listed with a traditional realtor with
one of the largest companies in the country.  Nine months later, my home
still had not sold.  I was thinking that my home would not ever be sold.
At that point, I received a letter in the mail from Phillip and his wife Lindsey, at first I
hesitated to respond to an unsolicited offer but my wife insisted that I
at least give Phillip a call.  Once I did, I was not disappointed.
Phillip was very professional and understood what I wanted and what needed
to be done.  Less than 30 days later, my home was sold which gave me a
great relief.  Thanks to Phillip Warrick , Lindsey and the team at Texas Home Savers, I am now breathing a little easier.
Texas Home Savers LLC Daniel Hamilton
Channelview, TX

The whole transaction and closing was smooth and professional.  I thank you very much for buying my Arlington Texas house fast John.

Your Texas Home Buyers Vinu Soni
Mansfield, TX



I would like to thank you for your help in this major step in my life.  It has been a very difficult time for me, and I cannot say I have not lost many tears in the process. 


I purchased my home, on my own as a single mom of two daughters about fifteen years ago.  I honestly put it in God's hands.  I believed if I was suppose to have it he would provide it.  If I was not suppose to have it, he would close the door.

He opened the door, and I was approved for the loan the first time I applied.

I was so thankful, and amazed that I was able to do this and thanked God for it daily.


The last few years,  I have struggled to keep it.  I have worked my whole life and got caught between the letting it go, and fighting to keep it.   It is time to let go.


After taking a position in Columbia, I found myself falling further and further behind.

When I called you, and asked for your help.  I had also called several other people.  You were the one who stepped up, got it done and helped me accomplish what needed to be done.


Thank you for helping provide business associates that could help in fixing up the property, help me move my belongings and letting me walk away without any further worry. 


I believe that you provide a professional, caring, and responsible service to people who need your help!


Thank you so much for everything...



Brenda S. Casella

Columbia, SC

Premier Property Solutions, LLC Brenda Casella
Columbia, SC

Everything was so smooth and easy.  The title company you used was very professional and answered all of our questions. The closing process went exceptionally well and I was very impressed.  It really helped that they allowed us to let us conduct the closing paper work via overnight mail and I did not have to travel to Fort Worth.  I am so happy you could buy my North Richland Hills house fast and as is. 
Thanks John
Your Texas Home Buyers Paula Smith
North Richland Hills, TX

Wil is such a sweetheart.  It's been great working with him.  He knows his business and is there to help in any way.  I definitely would work with Wil again.
Premier Property Solutions, LLC Christine Fleese
Ladson, SC

John, everything you told me is what happened.  I didn’t feel pressured and you and the title company were very nice.  They even wrote me a second check because of the trust.  I am so happy you bought the house in Hurst Texas fast and as is because I didn’t want to be involved in fixing it up.

Thank you,

Your Texas Home Buyers Mary Dyson
Hurst, TX

*These testimonials were submitted by One Hour Homebuyers and affiliates throughout the United States. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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