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What impressed me the most was that you and your company Texas Home Savers LLC preformed exactly as stated in our first phone interview.  The quoted process for evaluating the circumstances and then the process for services rendered were maintained.  The timeliness of your services and the ease of working with your staff over the telephone were beyond impressive.  Being weeks away from an ugly foreclosure due to an nonpaying tenant I thought we had no chance.  Your company was able to stop the foreclosure re-carpet,paint and spruce up the house on your own dime and get the house sold fast enough to help save the house and a foreclosure for ending up on my credit.  Thanks again for everything you did Lindsey and Phillip Warrick .
Texas Home Savers LLC Craig Jackson
Seabrook, TX

"We were pleased to work with Bill & Bob of BCCW Inc.  They took our property off our hands fairly quickly, and were helpful and nice to work with."  Lyn and Ed
We Buy Houses Lyn & Ed Sutton
Elon, NC

It has been a pleasure working with Bill Hawthorn. He was always available to answer any questions and also made it easy for us to leave a home that had been in the family for 28 years. He was very understanding with our situation and gave us every minute and extra days we needed to move. He also treated us with the utmost respect.
Thank you Bill!
Homes R Us Florence Marie Keeling
Southington, CT

Dealing with Bill Hawthorn has been quick and easy. He looked at my home and gave me a fair price for it. I also purchased a house from him. The whole proccess took less than two weeks! I am so happy I called him.

Thank you soooooo much Bill.
Homes R Us Terry Felton
Meriden, CT

My experince with Bill Hawthorn has been very good. He was very helpful with every problem I had. He also was good with the concerns I had about things and giving me some extra time that I needed to get things done.
Homes R Us Lisa Frank
Wallingford, CT

Bill is very nice to deal with and was easy to talk to. He was much better than a Realtor.
Homes R Us Debra Smith
Southington, CT

Out experience with Bill Hawthorn has been a pleasing one. He made our move easy and stress free on his end. No detail was overlooked.
Homes R Us Roberta Nickenson
Meriden, CT

Just wanted to send you a thank you note for helping us out of the terrible bind we were in. You treated us with respect and did the best you could for us and we will always be thankful. It's a new beginning for us! May God bless you and keep you!
Preferred Property, LLC Andrew & Carol Holmes
Petal, MS

Testimonial for Gulf Coast House Buyers

I’d like to thank the Gulf Coast House buyers for assisting me in a time that was very distressful for me and my family.  Due to some immense personal problems and some housing insurance issues my house note had become to much for me to bear and had put me under a great deal of stress.  No matter how I tried to fix it, the problem continued to balloon out of control. 

I had put my house on the market but this being my first time selling a house I was taken advantage of and my house went into foreclosure.  The agent who was selling my house procrastinated on the deal until the last minute and my property was set for auction on the 18th of Dec 2007. 

Thank God for Matt Wells and the team at Gulf Coast House Buyers, they came in with a plan and delivered.  I appreciated the way they had everything under control and relieved me of fear of having my property sold on the courthouse steps. 

Matt purchased my property and I made a positive gain from the sell.  More importantly he and his team really provided me and my family a peace of mind pertaining to the ends and out of selling property, the only other thing that  could have made this deal better was to go them first. 

So to Matt and the entire Gulf Coast House Buyers Team thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your help in my time of need.  I recommend if anyone is trying to sell their property and wish to make maximum profit contact Matt and the Gulf coast House Buyers team before you hit the realtor market.  Thanks again folks.



Billy Buchanan

Gulf Coast House Buyers, LLC Billy Buchanan
Gulfport, MS

Hunter and Debbie,

We are having an amazing trip. We went through this town in Colorado a couple weeks back. We are in Los Angeles right now then San Francisco. Thanks to the Lord and you guys for making this trip possible for the family. 

Your are a great couple and it was a pleasure to work with you. By buying our home you helped to bring about a very big and needed change in life.

Love in Christ

HP Investment Group, Inc. Ron and Claudia
Longwood, FL

*These testimonials were submitted by One Hour Homebuyers and affiliates throughout the United States. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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