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Dear Phillip Warrick and Lindsey Warrick :

I would like to thank you and your wife for all the help that you have
given me.  I previously had my home listed with a traditional realtor with
one of the largest companies in the country.  Nine months later, my home
still had not sold.  I was thinking that my home would not ever be sold.
At that point, I received a letter in the mail from Phillip and his wife Lindsey, at first I
hesitated to respond to an unsolicited offer but my wife insisted that I
at least give Phillip a call.  Once I did, I was not disappointed.
Phillip was very professional and understood what I wanted and what needed
to be done.  Less than 30 days later, my home was sold which gave me a
great relief.  Thanks to Phillip Warrick , Lindsey and the team at Texas Home Savers, I am now breathing a little easier.
Texas Home Savers LLC Daniel Hamilton
Channelview, TX



I would like to thank you for your help in this major step in my life.  It has been a very difficult time for me, and I cannot say I have not lost many tears in the process. 


I purchased my home, on my own as a single mom of two daughters about fifteen years ago.  I honestly put it in God's hands.  I believed if I was suppose to have it he would provide it.  If I was not suppose to have it, he would close the door.

He opened the door, and I was approved for the loan the first time I applied.

I was so thankful, and amazed that I was able to do this and thanked God for it daily.


The last few years,  I have struggled to keep it.  I have worked my whole life and got caught between the letting it go, and fighting to keep it.   It is time to let go.


After taking a position in Columbia, I found myself falling further and further behind.

When I called you, and asked for your help.  I had also called several other people.  You were the one who stepped up, got it done and helped me accomplish what needed to be done.


Thank you for helping provide business associates that could help in fixing up the property, help me move my belongings and letting me walk away without any further worry. 


I believe that you provide a professional, caring, and responsible service to people who need your help!


Thank you so much for everything...



Brenda S. Casella

Columbia, SC

Premier Property Solutions, LLC Brenda Casella
Columbia, SC

Wil is such a sweetheart.  It's been great working with him.  He knows his business and is there to help in any way.  I definitely would work with Wil again.
Premier Property Solutions, LLC Christine Fleese
Ladson, SC

We just wanted to THANK YOU guys so much for doing such an excellent job on getting the house rented already. I can't believe it was less than 2 weeks. You were very professional and patient with all of my questions. You kept me up to date on everything that was going on with the house. I will definitely send people your way. Thank you so much again for everything, you have no idea how much of a relief this is to our family. The Keele family
Fresh Start Investment Group, LLC The Keeles
Copperas Cove, TX

Mark visited us @ our house on 05/05/09 We found Mark to be very courteous and Honest. Scale of 1-10: 10 being the best!

On time 10 ( 10 minutes early thanks!)
Courtious 10
Knowledgable 10

We may be able to work something out!
Real Estate Homebuyers LLC Mr. Holloway
Harrah, OK

We don’t know what we would have done without you bailing us out. We surely would have lost our house to foreclosure without you.
Your Company Name Rob & Cheryl P.
Medina, FL

Thank you so much for helping us get rid of our unwanted house!
Your Company Name M Sample
Atlanta, GA

Dear Bill,


We wanted to write and express our sincere appreciation for the professional and ethical way you conducted the sale of our home.  We often commented to each other that we felt we were taking a risk when we made our first phone call, but what transpired certainly made us happy!


After trying to sell the house ourselves and then listing it with two different realtors for almost two years, we knew the odds of selling it quickly might not exist with the forecast from the media and state of the economy.  It was during that time that we received a letter from you offering to buy our home.  We could have continued with our own marketing, ect., but there was an appeal within your letter and then a follow-up postcard that gave us the urge to call you.  In fact, it was about two months after we received the initial letter and a call to you to ask, “Who are you and what does this involve?” because this approach was so foreign to us.  What we found in you was a person who was always patient, kind, and up-front about answering our concerns.  We never felt like we were dealing with a person or business that wasn’t ethical.


We checked with the Better Business Bureau, other folks who had dealt with you, and a member of your church, They all assured us that you were honest and sincere, both personally and through your business.  We took that leap of faith with you to sell our house, and within a month of your taking over, you informed us you had a “promising buyer.”


We were also surprised at how quickly you began marketing  our home and taking care of all the arrangements with the paperwork, attorneys, appraisal, home inspection, and minor repairs.  All we had to do was wait to hear from you with updates, and you always followed through each and every time.


We consider ourselves to be honest and dedicated to our Christian beliefs and we expect the person/s we deal with to be fair and treat us likewise.  You did not disappoint us at any time.  It is our sincere hope that you and your partners will continue to be successful as you assist others with their properties.


Yours truly,



Ken and Dianne S

We Buy Houses Ken and Diane S
Mebane, NC

I am truly thankful and grateful and most appreciative for all that you did to help me save my house.  There were other calls and others who wrote, but I was aware that all were not to be trusted.  I was down to the wire when I got your letter.  I knew that I had to trust someone and you were my last hope!  I am truly glad I did (trust you). 

I am also grateful and thankful for all that you did in getting another mortgage company. I am thankful for all the help that you gave my daughter...We are thankful and greatly appreciative of all your hard work that you both put into saving my house and a home for my children and grandchildren.

I wish you continued success in helping others and hope that they, too, will be thankful and greatly appreciative for all that you both do.

May God Bless You,
Shirley and Charita 
Property Solutions Inc. Shirley H. and Charita M
Palmyra, VA

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