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Words can't describe how much I appreciate your hard work and patience. I moved out of state, had a loan that was upside down, had a tenant that stopped paying rent, and was facing foreclosure. You worked with the lender to get the foreclosure postponed and negotiated a settlement that everyone could live with. Without your hard work, I would be facing bankruptcy, but now I have a fresh start. If anyone thinks that all hope is lost, don't believe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

HomeHelpASAP M Ellis
Overland, MO

I really want you to know that by you buying the property that I cosigned for my granddaughter and stopping the foreclosure saved my credit that I value. You did just what you said you would do and nothing less. You gave my granddaughter the money she wanted and stopped the foreclosure and made our payments until you sold the property and paid off our loan.

Thank you again.

HP Investment Group, Inc. WALLACE L

I called Hunter @ H.P. Investment Group, Inc. and they bought my house in Deltona within 3 days and saved me from having to lose my good credit.

They helped me out in a situation that I could not handle and even took my house and made payments for me and restored my credit by doing so.

Thank you so much for helping out.

Thanks again, today the mortgage was paid off by your company.
You handled the property for 5 years and never even a call until the day you called with the good news, your property has been paid in full.

HP Investment Group, Inc. LILY

Dear Hunter

Thank you so much for helping us out. Our house was behind on payments and needed desperate work. You and your company came in and took care of everything for us. For the last 3 years you have made the payments and kept the property fixed up. Even when the hurricanes pulled the electrical out of the house and knocked over some of the trees, you fixed everything right away. We are very grateful and will let all of our friends know you are the person to work with if they are having any property problems.

Thank you,

HP Investment Group, Inc. WILLIAMSON

Dear Hunter

I just wanted to thank you for all that you did to help me out. Thanks for taking over my payments for 3 years and for always paying them on time to the bank. You saved my credit! Now that you have sold the house I have a loan that has been paid off in full on my credit report instead of a forclosure. It doesn't get any better than that.

Thank you so much!!

HP Investment Group, Inc. Jane

To whom it may concern,
I was very impressed with the way they do business.  They actually did what they said they were going to do and more.  I was in a pretty bad situation and they were willing and able to help me out and did.  I am very grateful.  Thank you!
S. Caldwell
ABW Management, LLC S. Caldwell
Phoenix, AZ

“We have been very satisfied with their service with my husband and me.  They have always been kind and attentive to our needs and sadness through this very difficult time.  We thank you.”


Maebelle and Milton B.

ABW Management, LLC Maebelle and Milton B.
Charleston, SC

Working with them has been a good experience.  They have been very professional and attentive to all of my concerns dealing with this matter.  They will be highly recommended.

                                                                                                -M. Holmes

ABW Management, LLC M. Holmes
Ladson, SC

I would like to thank you guys for coming to my rescue and helping me in this difficult time.  They were wonderful to work with.


Maria B.

ABW Management, LLC Maria B.
Summerville, SC

I would like to thank Property Solutions for relieving me of my burden of over $1000 house payments a month, with very little time and foreclosure very close they saved my credit as well as my mental state.

Thank you again!
Property Solutions Inc. Janine Raike
Waynesboro, VA

*These testimonials were submitted by One Hour Homebuyers and affiliates throughout the United States. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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